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Instructional design, content creation or course development?
Have a look at (some of) my eLearning examples

Cute pets show how you can use images in Articulate Rise

See how you can make your Articulate Rise course more visual and engaging, applying creative uses of your images.

Popular vegetables. Educational mini-course for children. 

Use this mini-course to teach your children about the most common vegetables found in the garden (demo version).

How to plan your summer vacation? 

Sample interactive map developed with Articulate Rise. Contains useful tips that will help you organize your summer holiday.

Learn yoga. 5 exercises to do at home.

Slider interaction developed with Articulate Storyline 360. Shows 5 different yoga exercises with instructions and pictures.

Fresh mini copywriting course for beginners

Free mini copywriting course for beginners developed with Articulate Rise. 

How well do you know the world capitals?

Sample conversation/ interactive quiz developed with Articulate Rise.

Nicole and Macy live chat

Sample branching live chat conversation developed with Articulate Rise.

Healthy eating course template

Course template developed with Articulate Storyline 360. 

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