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Vesela Georgieva

eLearning specialist

Hello, everyone! My name is Vesela and I’ve been working in the eLearning industry since 2013. I’m experienced in eLearning content creation, storyboarding, instructional design, learning management systems, eLearning copywriting and software tutorial video production.

I AM ...


Good at communicating

I believe that positive collaboration leads to better project outcomes. 


Experienced in writing

I know how to develop course content that is easy to read, understand and retain.


Curious about new topics

I like to research, find new resources, analyze data and develop original solutions.


Passionate about how people learn 

I'm constantly trying to better understand learning theories, delivery methods, and learning behaviors.


Take a look at some of my latest projects developed with Articulate Rise and Articulate Storyline 360.

Fresh mini copywriting course for beginners

Free mini copywriting course for beginners developed with Articulate Rise. 

Cute pets show how you can use images... 

See how you can make your Articulate Rise course more visual and engaging. 

Nicole and Macy live chat

Sample branching live chat conversation developed with Articulate Rise.

Healthy eating course template

Course template developed with Articulate Storyline 360. 

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