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Key features, pros and cons

Articulate Rise is an eLearning authoring tool included in the Articulate 360 Suite. It is a web-based application, so you don’t need to download and install any software on your computer. What you need are an Articulate 360 subscription and a browser.

The application is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface, and its main feature is the creation of responsive courses that look great on every device. This facilitates course designers and reduces development time. Learners, on the other hand, will be able to enjoy a learning experience that runs smoothly both on desktop and mobile devices.

Overview of Articulate Rise key features

Pre-built theme

When I first opened the application, I was very pleased to see a pre-built theme. I found it very useful as it gave me the opportunity to understand what a course made with Articulate Rise looks like. 

Additionally, the theme can be edited and customized, saving development time.

Easy creation of responsive eLearning courses

When you open the application, you’ll see the Dashboard screen. Click on the New course button.


An empty course template will be loaded. Here, you need to enter the course title, course description, and course outline.

After typing the titles, you need to choose the type of content you want to add to each page: lesson (includes pre-built blocks with text, multimedia, charts, etc.) or quiz (includes four kinds of predefined types of quiz questions).

When you create a lesson, you will see a similar screen. Click on the All blocks button. 

Choose a block to be added to your course.  

When you choose to create a quiz, you will see a similar screen. Click on the Add question button and select one of the four possible types of questions: multiple choice, multiple response, fill in the bland, and matching. 

Course preview

To find out how learners will see a page, use the Preview button. 

Use the buttons on the top right of the screen to change the view between desktop, tablet landscape and portrait, and smartphone landscape and portrait.  

Course customization

To customize your course, go to the Settings tab. Here, you can add a logo, change the theme color, add a cover photo, define free or restricted navigation, customize the menu, etc.

Share, review and export your course

To share a preview link or to add course collaborators, click on the Share button.

To publish your course to Review 360, click on the Review button.

When you’re ready with your course design, click on the Export button. You can choose between three export types: LMS, PDF, and WEB.


In my opinion, one of the main advantages of the application is the ease of creating responsive courses. Choose one of the pre-built blocks, enter your content and you’re ready. Moreover, courses developed with Articulate Rise have a minimalist, elegant and modern look. Course navigation is intuitive (for learners) and with customization features (for course creators).

You can add all the main content types: text, video, audio, charts, attachments, etc. You can use the Content Library to find images and videos that will give your course even more professional look.

You can easily add interactivity to your course. Just add one of the pre-built interactive blocks: accordion, tabs, labeled graphic, buttons, flashcards, etc. My personal favorites are the Scenario and Storyline blocks. You can use the first one to easily create an interactive and branching scenario, and the second one enables you to add a Storyline interaction. 

You can add a passing score to your quizzes and you can export your course in all main export formats.


• To use Articulate Rise you need an Articulate 360 subscription, and that makes the product relatively expensive.
• You can’t import Rise courses into Articulate Storyline: you can edit them only within the application.

• Rise has limited customization features – don’t expect to find triggers or variables.

Bottom line

Articulate Rise is a great rapid development tool, featuring all the necessary functionalities. It is intuitive and easy to use. Great for text-based microlearning. Learners can enjoy a smooth learning experience, no matter what device they use.


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