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A little about myself


Name: Vesela Georgieva

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Profession: eLearning specialist


eLearning content creation

Analyze learners' audience, define learning objectives, identify course content scope, research relevant resources, write course content using plain language, write test questions based on content scope, proofread and edit. 

Instructional design

Design and develop storyboards for eLearning courses, define instructional strategy, select tools/techniques/format/media for the delivery of the learning experience. 

QA for eLearning

Revise and edit eLearning content, test course functionality, assess visuals and other aesthetics (size, font, design, and experience). 

eLearning design and development

Design and develop eLearning content, scenarios and assessments using Articulate 360 Suite. 


Create and upload courses, create assessments, register users, define roles, track users' progress, etc.

Software tutorial video production

Research and learn the software's features, script and storyboard preparation, screen recording, audio recording, synchronization, adding animations, transitions, and captions.

eLearning copywriting

Write eLearning articles and social media posts, optimize content for search engines. 

eLearning project management

Assist with the management of the design process, communicate progress to leadership. 



Microsoft Office, Articulate 360 Suite, Camtasia, Adapt authoring tool, Moodle, ILIAS, H5P, CMS, basic HTML

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